Dark Star Orchestra @ Old National – Win Tickets Dark Star Orchestra @ Old National – Win Tickets

Using entire shows from the Grateful Dead’s decades of touring as a launching pad, Dark Star Orchestra recreates song for song performances straight from historic set lists. Not merely mimicking the Dead, DSO instead seeks the individual style of each era and offers its own interpretations and improvisations for a group famed and loved for their interpretations and improvisations.  Having toured worldwide to the tune of over 2000 shows, Dark Star Orchestra’s determined commitment to ‘raising the Dead’ has drawn them much critical acclaim.

Critics aren’t the only ones singing Dark Star Orchestra’s praises. Five original members of the Grateful Dead have played alongside DSO and have had this to say: “Playing with Dark Star Orchestra is something that feels just exactly like it felt when I was playing with the Grateful Dead.” – Donna Jean Godchaux, Grateful Dead vocalist, frequent DSO guest

Made up of Jeff Mattson (lead guitar/vocals), Lisa Mackey (vocals), Dino English (drums), Rob Koritz (drums), Skip Vangelas (bass), Rob Eaton (rhythm guitar/vocals) and Rob Barraco (keyboards), Dark Star Orchestra does not try to match Grateful Dead live songs note for note. Anything more formulaic would quickly dispel the free spirit embodied in the music.

Precision is king with DSO, which position the stage plot based on the year of Grateful Dead show to be performed, adapting phrasing, voice arrangements, and even arranges specific musical equipment for the various eras of Dead music performed. At the end of every performance, the band announces the date and venue where the original show just covered took place. Dark Star Orchestra dips into every incarnation of the Dead, so most fans can “see” shows that happened long before they were born.

Dark Star Orchestra isn’t a cover band. Its shows are not even meant as tributes. What Dark Star Orchestra achieves is a continuation of the spirit of what has now become over forty years of the Grateful Dead’s timeless music.

Saturday, Feb 27th
Egyptian Room @ Old National Centre
Doors 7pm
Show 8pm
All Ages


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Matt Duncan Staff Writer

Matt has been part of the Mojo team since 2011. His main focus has been on EDM artists and culture. Throughout the years he has interviewed the likes of Figure, Datsik, Terravita, Bare, and many more and put together a weekly blog "Dirty Mondaze" in which he ran for 2 years. " I enjoy getting people excited for something we all love and the thing that brings us all together, music."

  • scott walling

    February 22, 2016 #2 Author

    I need these tickets please GDF (~};} NFA ✌ ॐ


  • Rhiannon Benge

    February 22, 2016 #3 Author

    I would be taking my little sister to her FIRST concert ever! What first show would be better than a DSO show, with family and dancing the night way.


  • Kristy Gingrich

    February 22, 2016 #4 Author

    Hey Now! Last night as I was digging through my tapes, I stumbled across a fire show, it was 6-24-85 Riverbend. I wouldn’t mind if Dark Star was to recreate this show on Saturday


  • Kate

    February 22, 2016 #5 Author

    I LOVE music. Live music especially. Going to work six days a week, being a full time student, and having this love for music makes for a hectic schedule. I just received my Dead and Co tickets in the mail for Klipsh but I can’t wait that long to boogie to some Dead! I love Dark Star Orchestra and what they stand for. And since I could count my age on my hand when the Dead had their “last shows” I want to soak up as much Grateful Dead as I can now. It’s a release and a family that makes each show it’s own experience to remember. As aforementioned, my career as a student means limited funds. I would love to win the tickets, not that I deserve to, but you would make this girl a VERY happy chappy 🙂 Plus, I love seeing all my friends and making new friends at these amazing shows, can never have too many! Much love xoxo


  • Tyler Miller

    February 23, 2016 #7 Author

    I would LOVE to win a ticket to see DSO! I haven’t seen them since 2011 at The WerkOut Music Festival, and that my friend, is WAY TOO LONG! lol I know a lot of people that will be there and it would definitely be an amazing show to see, but as of this money, I have all my money wrapped up in bills and rent, and artwork that I’m working on! Do you know if there will be live painting at this show, in not exactly sure how this venue is set up but I always enjoy watching artists paint live during shows! I’d love to be able to see them and paint while thier playing as well if that’s even possible! I’ll just keep my for hers crosses and hope, that maybe I will strike a little bit of family miracle luck for this one! If I’m not able to make this show, I hope everyone has an amazing time! Love and light to all my fellow DeadHeads out there! The music of the dead has shed so much positivity and love into my life and I feel blessed to even be apart of the a dead scene! I think about it everyday about how so many people I know don’t listen to the dead, or even haven’t ever heard of them.. It blows my mind and I spread thier love and music to everyone I can, to where something they’ve never seen feels familiar! I feel everyone deserves and needs to be shown the light, the love light that is! True inspiration that flows in token lines, suggesting rhythm! I love you all, and that feeling, shall never fade away! (~};)


  • Angie Leap

    February 23, 2016 #8 Author

    I NEED these tickets because all of the songs were written for me. If I am not at the show, how are they going to sing them all to me?



  • Michael Gibson

    February 23, 2016 #9 Author

    Would love to share my extra ticket if I won with Scott walling! I think he and I are the only two in the squad that don’t have tickets just yet! Trying to save as much money as I can right now, for a big birthday for my lovely girlfriend!


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