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Music is an auditory masterpiece, utilizing sound in such a way that music taste is seemingly more diverse than one’s taste in food. So what happens when music goes beyond auditory and becomes multi-sensory?


You get Papadosio: a sensory overload, making listeners feel as though they are a part of each song, epitomized in their latest release, Extras in a Movie. Each song is intended to replicate the relationship between such individuals, perhaps much like those at a concert, in which they are strangers gathered together in the same place, at the same time, and for the same reason. Not necessarily familiar with each other, but each perfectly placed next to the other, clearly intended to be standing so close.

Athens, Ohio born, Dosio is now based out of Asheville, North Carolina, albeit they spend much more time on the road than at home, playing an average of 150 shows a year. The five member powerhouse boasts four albums, many shows, festival after festival, and a following that rivals much older groups. Their follower travel show to show much like that of older groups, taking the love of Papadosio farther than just one’s hometown. Converting fans at every show, tantalizing viewers with their light show, this is one show you do not want to miss out on.



February 19, 2016

The Old National Centre

8 p.m.



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