IndyMojo’s Loudest 4/20 Celebration Yet IndyMojo’s Loudest 4/20 Celebration Yet

For centuries, the twentieth of April has been a date of significant meaning. For example, on this particular date in the year 1792, France declared war on the King of Hungary igniting the French revolution. Slightly closer in time and space, on April twentieth in 1916 the Chicago Cubs played the Cincinnati Reds in their first game at Weeghman Park now known as Wrigley Field. Even closer in time but more distant in space, the 1972 Apollo 16 mission finally landed on the moon on- you guessed it- April twentieth.

Currently, however, the date of April the twentieth is being recognized by people all over the world as a holiday unlike any other. Today millions of people circle and highlight the date on the calendar and warmly welcome April twentieth as the greenest day of the whole year. At the risk of sounding blunt, this particular holiday is observed outright by potheads all over the planet as the weed smoking celebration of the year!


The Mousetrap Bar in Indianapolis is never one to miss a party, especially one centered around a holiday of such substance. This year is no exception. And let me tell you, the festivities lined up for IndyMojo’s 4/20 bash are so outrageous they just might rival the Rastafarians in extravagance and festivity.




Atop the long list of performers sits the mighty Manic Focus. Described by GRiZ in his most recent mix for All Good Records as the “magician of beats”, Manic Focus certainly casts a sensational spell on listeners through the use of sorcerous sound frequencies. Minnesota native John McCarten began his musical quest with early classical piano training and has followed the course of the journey through four albums, side projects with Michal Menert and Break Science, and a deal with Detroit-based funk factory All Good Records. Heavily influenced by artists ranging from Big Gigantic to Dr. Dre to Moby, Manic Focus has a multifarious style that can’t be duplicated or even categorized.

Treat yourself to the aforementioned All Good Radio mix right here:


Don’t touch that dial! Next up tune in to Denver’s own time traveling vinyl wizard Late Night Radio. Made up of producer/keyboardist Alex Medellin and drummer Tyler Unland, Late Night Radio is the sophisticated gangster rifling through record crates to compose and present to you the dankest of musical strains all wrapped up tight on a silver platter. The music produced and mixed by Late Night Radio can be compared to drinking Remy Martin Black Pearl Louis XIII out of a red solo cup: classy AF but still totally here to get down. With at least five albums and a series of Vinyl Restoration mixes, there is no shortage of sound track to get you through your day. If you’re hooked after the 4/20 party (which let’s be honest, it will be THAT good) you can catch LNR on this season’s festival circuit at Summercamp, InfraSound, Sonic Bloom, Camp Bisco and Dancefestopia.


Another headlining name most Indianapolis electronic music aficionados will recognize is Indy’s own space-bass enthusiast Magnet!c. With a massive library of original tracks as well as the freshest sounds on the scene, Magnet!c’s performances always take concert-goers through a roller coaster of elation. Most Mousetrap devotees will probably recognize his name from the electrifying Collage Carnival events also featuring local loves like Funky Junk, Kaleidoscope Jukebox and Indigo Child. Magnet!c a.k.a. Adam Langolf released an EP a couple years ago called Polarity and has been blowing up shows, festivals, and parties as well as building skills and relationships with other artists ever since. This spring Langolf will also be releasing a long-awaited EP firing up his game and blasting him into his biggest summer yet. The man has several surprise announcements coming up promising his loyal fan base an unforgettable season to look forward to. Here’s one of his earlier mixes to get an idea of what you’re in for:


Or if a seven-piece live band is more your style, do your ears a favor and check out Midwest Hype. Rooted in Chicago, the band was officially formed in 2006 when the group met at Ball State University. The band is made up of bass, drums, guitar, keys, saxophone, trumpet, and three vocalists, one of which being a rapper. Since 2012 Midwest Hype has released three albums; the most recent album, “The Time”, was produced by hot shot Dave Aron of Hollywood Way Studios. The band flawlessly combines a jazzy Chicago groove to a funky bass line with twists of reggae and dabs of hip-hop throughout. The Hype has played festivals such as Summercamp and Hyperion and performed in well-known venues likes the House Of Blues and The Metro. Some time this summer the band plans to release a new album with producer Steve Gillis of Transient Sound in Chicago. If you can’t hold out that long and need you Hype now, find your way to the Mousetrap for their 4/20 set and cross your fingers for a sneak peak of some of their new jams.

Check out Midwest Hype music on


Anyone that has frequently visited the Mousetrap in the last handful of years has more than likely seen or at least heard of the almighty progressive funk band Twin Cats. For those who haven’t, here’s the deal: the band is made up of twin brothers Adam and Seth Catron on drums and guitar/vocals, Cameron Reel on bass and Phil Geyer on keys. The Cats describe their sound as “face melting funk in your face…melting it!” Nicholas Gerlach, currently with Turbo Suit, left the band in 2013 but not before putting out one more EP titled “Last Days of Nick.” With early beginnings in the members’ high school days, the band has moved forward to play countless shows at The Mousetrap, The Vogue and Hyperion Music and Arts Festival. A classic Mousetrap favorite, the Twin Cats will for sure be bringing the hip-shaking funk you do not want to miss.

Check out this live set from a few years ago and get fired up:


With the most impressive line up in the city for the evening, if you’re looking to celebrate April twentieth in all its glory, I suggest you roll up and roll out to the Mousetrap bar. Beyond this musical mayhem there will be a handful of local vendors and artists displaying art pieces and merchandise available for purchase. It is believed that the Grand Poobah of the First Church of Cannabis and Chairman of the Board of the Re-Legalize Indiana LLC Bill Levin will be in attendance promoting legalization and commending the celebration as well. Whether you decide to indulge in the greener aspect of the holiday or not, know that this is definitely a party you do not want to miss. 4/20 is the holiday that gets people pumped up for the upcoming festival season and this party in no way disappoints that idea. With a vibrant mix of live bands, swanky bass DJ’s and local artists and enthusiasts, IndyMojo’s Annual 4/20 Party Featuring Manic Focus, Late Night Radio, Midwest Hype & MORE will go down as one of the most outrageous 4/20 celebrations in history. Puff all you want, but do not pass up this opportunity!


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See you there!

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