Mojostock 2015 with Vaski Mojostock 2015 with Vaski


The greatest time of the year is upon us. Mojostock kicks off next Friday May 8th at Sleepybear Campground with the anticipation and expectation of nothing but greatness. Part of that greatness we are including this year is the one and only Vaski, the EDM headliner for Mojostock 2015. We recently caught up with Vaski to talk about the evolution of his music and his highly anticipated return to Indianapolis.

In recent news, Vaski has started to transition out of Dubstep and create a newer sound. Since doing that, he had a lot to say about recent projects and collaborations.

“I am just finishing an EP. It has three tracks on it. It has more chill stuff along with more aggressive beats as well. I have a track called “3AM” that we are doing a music video for. We are actually wrapping that up right now. It was directed as the same guy from the “Weightless” music video, so that should be pretty legit.”

With his new sounds evolving in such drastic ways, I asked Vaski how his fans have responded to the transition away from Dubstep.

“It has been weird because I feel like a lot of times people still have very different ideas of what Vaski is. When they think of Vaski, what kind of music do they think of? I know it’s weird to change it, but I make what I’m inspired by, what I feel like I’m best at, and what I want to listen to. So it doesn’t really bother me or really matter to me what other people expect or think. I just kinda want to do my thing and enjoy it.”

Along with new sounds, comes a new place to call home.  Vaski has made the move from Minneapolis to Los Angeles, an artist’s musical playground. He states the move has gone smoothly and the opportunity to work with others is not only easier but a lot more inspiring.

” I’ve been able to work with a couple different artists. The thing is, when you collaborate with someone, even if you don’t have a finished product, you just get in the studio and share what you’ve been working on and the approach they’re taking.”

Vaski is no stranger to Indianapolis and IndyMojo. In 2013, he toured during Excision’s Executioner Tour as well as our weekly event Altered Thurzdaze at The Mousetrap.  He has also taken a liking to our Hoosier culture by attending The Indy 500 and MotoGP.  Vaski goes on about favorite memories while here in Indy and his appreciation for the fanbase.

“People are there because they’re really excited for it. They know what they’re getting into and I could tell that people knew my music. When I played certain songs people really love it. That’s really cool [to me] as an artist. Sometimes you play shows and people go and they are just kinda there to party, and obviously that’s great, it’s great to party and have fun. But as an artist, it’s cool to party and have fun with people who are fans of your music and enjoy it the same way you do,  so I feel like Indy is a place that does that. The people have a lot of heart and they’re really interested and involved in that.”

Catch Vaski at Mojostock on Saturday May 9th in the Tent Stage at 10p.m.

Tickets are still available here. Grab them before the day of the festival!

Gwen Wilson

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