Mojostock 4/20 Artist Highlight: Indyca Mojostock 4/20 Artist Highlight: Indyca


The lineup for Mojostock 2015 includes many bands that have never played the festival in its five-year history.

One such band, Indyca, recently kicked off their Going Down on America tour at The Melody Inn and spoke with Indy Mojo beforehand about their roadtrip to the panhandle, the state of legalization in Indiana and – of course – Mojostock.

The tour – officially named so because the seven-piece band will literally go south, all the way to Florida – is Indyca’s first time ever on the road as a group. They will arrive back to Indiana ten days later, less than two weeks from Mojostock weekend.

Indyca kick it with Rupert from Survivor at the Norml 40th anniversary concert

Colton Lee of Indyca kicks it with Rupert from Survivor at the Norml 40th anniversary concert

As conversation drifted toward their recent performance at the 40th anniversary party for Indiana Norml, I asked what that benefit concert was like. While lead vocalist Brandon Dougherty reported that he found the night to be inspiring (“It felt possible that night,” he says) he also said he hopes the new musical element of the event continues to draw younger people into the local legalization community in Indianapolis.

When pressed to talk about whether the band’s name is a play on the word “indica”, Dougherty insists that it’s because they’re “from Indianapolis and play California reggae.” We awkwardly danced around the answer until finally I bluntly asked, “Do people treat you differently because you associate so openly with weed culture?”

“Yea, we get all kinds of free bud at shows,” Dougherty says matter-of-factly as the rest of us join him in laughter.

“And edibles,” bassist Bryan Dougherty adds before ending on a serious note.

“We’re not the protesting type. We’re not here to preach anything. We’re not trying to push anything too hard, but we’re being modest about it. At the same time we’re not being too afraid to show who we are and what we like to have fun doing.”

Catch Indyca at Mojostock: Friday May 8, 8-9 PM

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