Mojostock’s Friday Headliner, Fresh Hops, is Expecting! Mojostock’s Friday Headliner, Fresh Hops, is Expecting!

Fresh Hops

With Mojostock this weekend, everyone is getting excited for the very first local festival of the season. I got to sit down with our Friday night headliner, Fresh Hops, to talk a little bit about why they are excited to play Mojostock.

For those of you who are unfamiliar, Fresh Hops is a four piece band out of North West Indiana. They have a very unique sound that is hard to describe – somewhere between a jam band, jazz band, and blue grass band. They recently dropped a new album in December, and are very loyal to their Indianapolis fans.

In the recent years, they have really amped up their touring and studio productions. I remember seeing them years and years ago in Muncie when they were just little baby hops. Now, they frequent The Mousetrap in Indianapolis often and that’s where I got to catch up with them to ask a few questions about Mojostock

Fresh hops looking fresh at the Mouse Trap
MOJO: Is this your first Mojostock?

FRESH HOPS: This is our first show performing at Mojostock; we have attended the festival before.

MOJO: What are you most excited about?

FRESH HOPS: This is our first festival of the season. We are excited to play outside. Playing outside is such a different environment and experience than playing indoors and we really do prefer to be outside.

They asked us to headline the Friday night line up, so we are pretty excited about that. We are an Indiana band so it’s really nice to do Indiana festivals because we know pretty much everyone there.

MOJO: What made you guys want to play at Mojostock?

FRESH HOPS: It’s been on our radar for a while and it just finally worked out this year. We were out of town last time we were asked to perform, so we really wanted to be able to make it this year.

MOJO: So should we expect any surprises during the Mojostock set?

FRESH HOPS: Well, Ian’s pregnant so he might be delivering on stage. The first couple of rows better wear ponchos, like at Gwar. But we may have something special, but we can’t tell any secrets. But we will be playing some new stuff off of our new album.

MOJO: Any parting words for your fans?

FRESH HOPS: Thank you and keep supporting us. We wouldn’t be anywhere if it wasn’t for our fans. So keep supporting local music. Keep reaching out to us. It’s always so neat to get to do things like this and to get to go to new places. For example, we had people from Florida ask us to come down there and that was the first time we played in Florida. It feels great to know that people like your music from all over the country.

Check out the Friday night line up on our Facebook page and we will see you there! Thanks to Fresh Hops for the interview and the years and years of awesome music.

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