Once Upon An Altered / Kodama’s Return Once Upon An Altered / Kodama’s Return

This Thurzday is very special to me. January 10th marks my 32nd year on this planet and January 13th marks 5 years since my first Altered Thurzdaze. Of course me being me, I could not think of a better way to celebrate my birthday and anniversary, other than with a few of my favorite bass DJs in the city. I am also bringing back one that helped start it all. Don’t miss Indigo Child, Antik One, Souljahz of Fortune and the highly anticipated return of Kodama.


Let me tell you about my first Altered Thurzdaze. Five years ago, I was hanging out with my friend Ashley frequently and we were listening to a lot of dubstep. I come from the old rave days and was missing the vibe I once had at that point in my earlier life. We were talking back and forth about finding a place to dance to dubstep, so I simply googled “Dubstep Indy.” One of the search results was “IndyMojo Presents Altered Thurzdaze” on a website called themousetrapbar.com . I sent Ashley the link and she responded “I’m down, let’s go.” We talked all week about how excited we were.

Thurzday arrived and that evening I drove to pick up Ashley for our big adventure into uncharted territory. We are in the car blaring robot sounds on our way up Keystone Ave as I saw the sign just before 56th street. “Mousetrap Bar and Grille” it read, in a black and white checkered design with a martini glass at the top. Next to it on the roof, sat an antique car painted blue and red with a lightening bolt down the middle. I knew I was going into a cool place at that point. We parked and proceeded inside. Walking in I noticed it was kind of empty, we were early and they were just setting up the music. We had a good look around the place and I was impressed by the look and feel. It felt like it had history and soul, and looked like it as well.

Behind the bar a shorter gentleman in a ball cap was standing there looking up the TV talking to one of bar patrons. I got his attention and asked what the specials were “$3 crafts,” he replied. “Three dollar craft beer! You’ve got to be kidding me,” I thought to myself (those were the good ol’ days). I looked over at their 11 taps to see Gumballhead was one of them. I ordered Ash and myself one and we found a seat at a table to chat and wait for the music to start. Sitting there and observing the environment, I saw a taller redheaded gentleman on the stage plugging cords into a mixer, a man at the sound booth, and another guy pulling out records to put on the turntables.

They did a sound check and the music started. It was a deep and dark dubstep track, similar to TRUTH. It might have even been them. We stood up and walked over to the dance floor to observe the DJ (Kodama). I had no idea who he was, but I stood there a while and watched him mix in tunes that I had never heard before. I looked to my left and see a girl dancing in was way I hadn’t seen before. She was flowing with the melody that was coming out of the speakers. I felt compelled to tell her that I loved the way she moved.

“I love the way you dance” I said in her ear.
“Thank you!” she replied. “I’m Liz!” she said with a big smile.
“I’m Matt, I’ve never been here before,” I said with an equally big smile.


So Liz, Ashley and I were of the very few who were dancing at the beginning of the night. As the night grew, so did the crowd. Next up was Vennatics (I don’t remember him at all). He was some glitch-hop guy out of Cincy. I do remember Hollow Point (did’t play that night) who always unloaded some premium drum and bass to my eardrums. To this day Hollow Point is one of my favorite DnB DJs in this city. Anyway, the crowd on the floor was moving fast and the heat was building.

Still impressed by the quality I was hearing, the mid-west junglist What The Bleep stepped on stage and then I was sweating. He started his set and I felt that feeling I thought I would never feel again. I closed my eyes and was dancing like no one else was there. It’s a release, it’s a euphoria—that feeling is magical. The dance floor was still going when Psynapse took us on a journey of heavy beats to close down the night. He is definitely my favorite hippie. Back then Kodama, Psynapse, and Hollow Point were the 3 residents at the trap and were all powerhouses of bass.

That night was one I will never forget and the reason I continued to come out every Thurzday. It moved me in a way that led me to start promoting events, write event previews, start my own weekly blog (returning in 2016), interview artists, and conceptualize Mojo Minute—all of which would not have been possible without IndyMojo. I look forward to many more years of music in my life. Here’s to an amazing 2016 and another year of bass. Cheers!


Kodama is one the founding DJs of Altered Thurzdaze. He was a resident for the first 3 years of it’s inception and has since been on a hiatus. His style is an equal blend of bass. This will be his ruturn to the stage is quite some time. For anyone who doesn’t already know, this show is a rarity. Check out one of my favorite mixes by him below and don’t miss him live.



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Thurzday, January 7th
The Mousetrap
5565 N. Keystone Ave
Indianapolis, IN




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