Papadosio @ Old National – Win Tickets! Papadosio @ Old National – Win Tickets!


Mesmerizing, spellbinding and genre-defying: With their fourth full-length studio release Extras In A Movie, Papadosio reveals a striking cinematic cornucopia of sounds: orchestral, electronic, organic, acoustic, psychedelic and celestial. The 16 selections that comprise the song cycle are concise and structured – launch pads for the improvisational excursions that are a hallmark of the band’s celebrated concert performances.

“The writing process was a challenge for us, to see if we could integrate some songs that were shorter than five minutes,” notes the band. They envisioned the title Extras In A Movie as a concept connected to themes of interpersonal interactions and relationships.

Hitting virtually all major and secondary U.S. music locales and select festivals across North America, Papadosio tours on a massive scale but maintains a close intimacy with their fans. With the new project they are expanding their collective stylistic palette. “We like to have a lot of colors,” they explain. “We’re starting to push that envelope in the way we want to go – to give the people who are at the shows more of a variety of emotions. We don’t have filters. We record what’s happening.”

Originally from the creative collegiate hotbed of Athens, Ohio, the band is now centered in Asheville, North Carolina. Not that they are homebodies as they clarify. “For the past five or six years we’ve done maybe 150 dates a year and have been gone for 200 days. We were cutting back a little, but now with the new project the number of shows is about to go way back up.”

Extras In A Movie balances Papadosio’s celestial sonic ambience with an organic edge and multiple guitars, both electric and acoustic. “A lot more guitar in general,” they say. “ That’s something new with this record.” What also distinguishes the new music is the prominence of their vocals. Extras In A Movie opens with a dense, harmonic introduction titled “The Last Leaf” and across the span of songs emerges subliminal echoes of prog-rock forefathers like Jethro Tull, Yes and Genesis.

Trippy titles abound: “Gazing the Great Oscillator,” “Moon Entendre,” Anima Mundi.” Noting that these designations often come late in the creative process, if the band can’t find a suitable name, they might invent a word. “Obove” is such a creation. In the lexicon of Papadosio it is a term that references “an over arcing emotion.”

While the band gleefully dismisses observations on their collective intellect, an exegesis of their themes indicates complex underpinnings. A new song, “Therian” was inspired by archeological cave paintings depicting creatures that are half-beast and half human. “Bypass Default” is a treatise on being nagged by all of the earth’s problems, and is appropriately discordant. “The Wrong Nostalgia” includes a take on modern radio with the line “Who sold these assholes on the airwaves?” — lyrics with an edge and a bite.

It is the band’s wish that Extras In A Movie will enchant loyal fans and introduce new audiences to the Papadosio universe. “Our intention is to give people music that can be themes in their lives so they can connect to the music. To provide them with a place to hang out so they don’t feel weird in what they are thinking — to give their brains and their hearts a home.”


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Friday, February 19 at 8 PM

Old National Centre
502 N New Jersey St, Indianapolis, Indiana 46204

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We are running a 4 pack offer for this one! $9 per ticket – $36 total. 

This is running 2/11 – 2/17 with a pass code of “DOSIO”


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  • Joey

    February 11, 2016 #2 Author

    I fell in love with my current girlfriend of 3 years at my first Papadosio show in Cincinnati. I would love to be able to gift her a ticket to the Indy show and rekindle memories of how we first met. Thanks for the opportunity!


    • Joseph Kautz

      February 15, 2016 #3 Author

      Sorry meant to put my full name, Joseph Kautz


  • Madeline Birkle

    February 16, 2016 #4 Author

    I’d really love to see Papadosio to help pull me out of this depression spell I got going on. I’d love to be able to be surrounded by the people and dance the night away. Thanks so much!


  • Eric Thompson

    February 16, 2016 #5 Author

    I think I deserve two win these are two of my favorite acts. Knox is literally my favorite dj in indy. Clint is also the nicest person in the world. I have seen dosio a number of times at the werk out and summer camp. They r so spiritual. They really blew my mind when tauk opened for them at the Lafayette theatre. They played 1979 by the smashing pumpkins which is literally my favorite band in the world. Anyway love both acts and thanks for the opportunity much love


  • Lacy

    February 16, 2016 #6 Author

    I deserve to win because dosio is my fav band that got me into the festival world (my first festivals were wuhnurth, spring fest).. They were awesome headliner who I followed around Indiana wanting more weird! ❤️ This show I plan to bring my friend Krista who has never seen them.


  • Rauf Khalid

    February 16, 2016 #7 Author

    Really great band and wonderful music, haven’t experienced live, would love to.


  • Lindsay Keller

    February 16, 2016 #8 Author

    I think I deserve the free Dosio tickets because I’ve never seen them before & I would just absolutely be on cloud 9 if the first time I saw them I just so happened to get lucky enough to win free tickets… plus I start a new job Monday so this would be a lovely congratulations present to myself. hope to see everyone there. happy vibes & love to all of you beautiful people. ☮


    • Matt Duncan

      February 18, 2016 #9 Author

      Congrats Lindsay! You are a winner. Your ticket is either available tonight at the Mousetrap or at Will Call tomorrow,


  • mandy Taylor

    February 16, 2016 #10 Author

    I would love to win because this little kitten promised to be raging with my friend Jose at his first papadosio show. Unfortunately i wasn’t able to make it to that festival as i promised. I honestly wished i would have gone because now i can only rage with Jose in spirit! Id like to be able to dance with him front row knowing he will be dancing right beside me. Ill be getting down Jose style!


    • Matt Duncan

      February 18, 2016 #11 Author

      Congrats Mandy You are a Winner. Your ticket is either available tonight at the Mousetrap or at Will Call tomorrow,


  • Cody Sciortino

    February 16, 2016 #12 Author

    My birthday is TOMORROW! I have the weekend off, first time in a long time, dont have funds for entry but DO have friends going that i live with! It would be such a good birthday present. I mean come on, my email addy is papacodio lol


    • Matt Duncan

      February 18, 2016 #13 Author

      Congrats Cody! You are a winner. Your ticket is either available tonight at the Mousetrap or at Will Call tomorrow,


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