Safe In Sound Festival w/ Bro Safari, Datsik, Zomboy and More – Win Tickets Safe In Sound Festival w/ Bro Safari, Datsik, Zomboy and More – Win Tickets

This Sunday comes one of the biggest EDM shows to hit Indy in a very long time. Packed with a plethora of talent and craziness, Safe In Sound will be sure to deliver.  All five acts that will all be making the walls in the Egyption Room shake. Don’t miss Bro Safari, Datsik, Zomboy, Delta Heavy, and Terravita. Featuring 150,000 watts of P.K. Sound Systems featuring the new Trinity line array!

Contrary to popular belief, dance music isn’t new to America. One would only have to look at the career of Bro Safari to know that the American dance music scene has been thriving for years, making waves from the States to across the globe. Bro Safari’s productions have excited crowds and been critically acclaimed by the best in the business.

With a string of #1 Beatport releases, sell-out tours and a rapidly growing fan base, the Canadian producer/DJ and Firepower label boss has entered this year on an exceptionally high note, and with the release of his most recent LP Let It Burn¸ he’s already making his claim to an even bigger 2013. For DATSIK, his Firepower imprint stands out as an extension of his revered and applauded musical persona. He’s released a series of successful singles and EPs including works for Excision’s Rottun Recordings and collaborated with the legendary Korn on their The Path of Totality album and toured the U.S. with the group.

Then, 2012 saw him release his proper full-length debut, Vitamin D, via Dim Mak Records and featuring the epic single “Evilution” [Featuring Jonathan Davis of Korn & Infected Mushroom]. However, founding a label has always been part of his plan. FIREPOWER, helmed by DATSIK, formally contributes to the music landscape with releases from Barron, Protohype, Rekoil, Terravita, Getter, The Frim, DKS, Sub Antix and more.

During Datsik’s last visit to Indy, Mojo Minute got a chance to sit down and talk to him. We went over his latest album and influences and even asked the big question about how much sound is too much. Check out the interview below.

Zomboy has had an explosive few years since making the transition from his sound engineering background into full-time music production, and his dynamic rise to global recognition has been quite something to watch.One of the biggest names in bass, Zomboy released his debut LP “The Outbreak” on Never Say Die Records on August 4th 2014. Alongside delivering his trademark, unflinching brand of Dubstep, the UK-based producer also takes the opportunity to expand his musical horizons, incorporating a range of styles within the track listing.

The LP follows the theme of his US tour of the same name, spreading Zomboy’s inimitable sounds like a virus to bass heads across the world. An exciting insight into Zomboy’s musical mind, this LP Topped the iTunes electronic chart in 10 countries and achieved top 10’s in a further 14, Therefore elevating Zomboy’s status within EDM music to legendary. Since his first release, Zomboy has consistently topped the charts which lead to Ministry of Sound and Warner Music snapping up several of his tracks for various compilations. Constantly developing his unique sound, Zomboy has created numerous remixes for artists such as Fedde Le Grand, DJ Fresh and Flux Pavilion, clocking millions of views on YouTube and causing an ever-increasing demand for his DJ sets across the world. The future of Zomboy will undoubtedly be that of further bass domination.

Delta Heavy are the most exciting duo to hit dancefloors since Chase & Status and Nero, although if anything their music is even harder and heavier, darker and more multi-textured. Having conquered the clubs, however, their newer tracks are becoming more song-oriented, pointing towards a debut album that will surely be hailed as one of the year’s best, designed to satisfy bass-heads and traditional music-heads alike.

Dominating the bass music scene for nearly a decade, Terravita has run the gamut when it comes to crowd-smashing, mind-melting electronic music. From the days of Drum & Bass to the era of contemporary Dubstep, Trap and everything in-between, Terravita know no limits when it comes to crafting the most staggering, bone-jarring bangers around. From their industry-leading sound-design to the razor-honed precision of their drums, Terravita are undeniable experts at their craft, and will inevitably remain so for many years to come. –

Sunday, September 20th

6:30 PM

Egyptian Room

Old National Centre
502 New Jersey
Indianapolis, IN

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Matt Duncan Staff Writer

Matt has been part of the Mojo team since 2011. His main focus has been on EDM artists and culture. Throughout the years he has interviewed the likes of Figure, Datsik, Terravita, Bare, and many more and put together a weekly blog "Dirty Mondaze" in which he ran for 2 years. " I enjoy getting people excited for something we all love and the thing that brings us all together, music."

  • Riley Sexton

    September 14, 2015 #1 Author

    I have seen Datsik every single time he has been in Indianapolis because hee is one of my favorite DJs but this time I could not pull together the funds. I was super bummed that I wouldnt get to go until I saw that I could win free tickets through you guys. So pick me so I can rage with Datsik one more time!!


  • Will Pearson

    September 14, 2015 #2 Author

    I think I should be able to go because I love this city and not many huge shows like this get to come here and seeing my favorite music and seeing this culture spread throughout this city brings me so much joy! Nothing would make me happier to see all of these amazing artists annihilate Indy with some awesome bass!!! Please make my year and send this hardcore raver in for free!


  • Amanda

    September 14, 2015 #3 Author

    I want to win these tickets because I’m due for some rage facing. It’s been awhile since I’ve been to a show. Plus, seeing Delta Heavy, Zomboy and Terravita all 3 in the same place would be pretty unforgettable.


  • Michelle

    September 14, 2015 #4 Author

    I would love to win tickets solemnly for the fact that zomboy, datsik, and bro safari were the first edm dj’s I started to first listen to, and haven’t had the opportunitiy to see either of them. Since they haven’t toured St. Louis in the past two years. I’ve seen terravita before and that was probably the hardest I’ve went at a show ever. my friends all have plans on taking the trip from st.louis and I’d love to join them on the rail and headbang to their heavy music! much love, Michelle


  • Jared Roberts

    September 14, 2015 #5 Author

    I have been working to build a festival all summer long. Now at the last stretch, after devoting all my time for free for the love and growth of electronic music. I have seen peoples true colors, and those are not the colors i wear. So I hope, I can win these tickets! All for the {{{ <3 }}}


  • Josh Plumadore

    September 14, 2015 #6 Author

    I would like to win because I want to take my daughter to an awesome first concert. What a better show than this to introduce a 16 year old to their first edm experience.



    September 14, 2015 #7 Author

    @IndyMojo I deserve to win because I have not been able to go to any events in two years due to school, and taking care of my sick and elderly grandparents. I lost my grandfather in April, and just lost my grandma August 23. Now I’m lost and need to have excitement back in my life. Where else is a better place to find yourself than this show? I can’t think of a better place. So please pick me so I can find myself again.


    • Matt Ramsey

      September 20, 2015 #8 Author

      WINNER! Check your email for more info!


  • Rachel Williams

    September 14, 2015 #9 Author

    It would be amazing to win tickets to this for my boyfriend. Winners are picked on our 5th anniversary and neither of us were able to get off work so this show would be a huge surprise for him if I could win he’s been dying to see datsik and zomboy for years and I would love to make this happen!!!


  • Rebecca woods

    September 14, 2015 #10 Author

    So ready to get down with Datsik again I came to his last show here in Indy , raged out and spun some poi, and would love to get dirty and represent some more of the local flow arts community again that love and flow so good to these beats (: I just got sued for some previous medical bills so I don’t have the funds currently to splurge but I’m totally down to get down if the opportunity arises before I move to Atlantic city for work training and then to crystal city by December . Ready to enjoy every last moment here in Indy it’s treated me well so far along with Thursdaze at the trap and Realtalk . I’ve had a real good last month here in Indy this would be the ultimate wrap up !


  • Daniel

    September 14, 2015 #11 Author

    I should win because EDM makes me horny. Nah that’s not why, actually me and my buddy been trying for about 2 yrs to go and he and I finally have a day together we can go but I’m broke now… So help me out please? If not its cool cuz ima go see DJ ultima weapon…


  • Bryan Arnold

    September 15, 2015 #12 Author

    Being a restaurant manager, my life routinely sucks. I’m looking to finally get out for a weekend and re-kindle that Fire ans Passion with my true love….EDM.

    I first found that love at Dave Matthews Carivan in 2010 where I saw Big Gigantic and Bassnectar live for the first time….I knew right then and there that love at first sight was as real as you and me.

    I need these tickets. I need to leave my heart out on the dance floor for all to see!!


  • Brendan

    September 15, 2015 #13 Author

    I would love to win a chance to see some of my favorite artist. Going through a rough time in my life and would love nothing more than to rage the stress away. Thanks so much for the opportunity and I hope to see you at the event !


  • daniel

    September 15, 2015 #14 Author

    I am dying to see this concert, Mainly because there is no edm festivals in Indiana not like EDC, UMF, Tomorrowland, Defqon 1, Qlimax, Hard Trance, Dancefestopia, I mean we lierally are naptown the city that sleeps….. Except for me, I stay up everyday listening to live sets from electric zoo and qlimax and edc dreaming of the day I can go and experience the P.L.U.R. Effect of an edm family then I saw Safe in SOund and Zedd And Loudpvck in Indiana all oround October and was like Nahway, And became excited but my arch enemy life stepped in everytime I got paid with more bills I had to take care of and sadly no funds to go………. But then I saw indymojo wh all these free ways to go and was like bet ima put forth all my effort togo…… And then to top it off I saw 115,000 watts of sound omg I almost made love to the indy mojo page……….. Music is my way of expressing what I cant say, its sound is the resignating beat of my heart and soul…. That’s why I want to go….That’s why I should be the winner!


  • Daniel Sullivan

    September 15, 2015 #15 Author

    I Should win these tickets because I’m throwing a epic before and after party. Two local djs on board already and If some other non local Djs from the show make it over to the after party we are set up with a great system for a crazy time. Want to get a van to and from the show and I already know some folks will want to go but wont have the loot. I have already purchases all the tickets I can afford to but still want to share more electronic love with some good folks. Help me help get some more great folks who need to hear the healing sounds of edm in the door!!!!


  • Emery Jones

    September 15, 2015 #16 Author

    I’ve seen shows before but the most important thing to me is the fact that my girlfriend has never once been to a concert let alone an edm show and there wouldn’t be a better one to take her to considering September 20th is her 21st birthday! We work out asses off in the daily struggle just to make ends meat so an opportunity to see some of the best names in the edm scene would be tear jerking for her and I! Please consider us for the contest I assure you her face when those lights come on and that bass hits will be priceless for many lifetimes to come.


    • Matt Ramsey

      September 20, 2015 #17 Author

      WINNER – check your email for more info.


      • Emery

        September 20, 2015 #18 Author

        Thank you so freaking much indy mojo gods!!!


  • Monika Good

    September 17, 2015 #19 Author

    I need the bright lights, I desire the loud and heart- thumping bass in my heart. That devine moment of ecstasy that can only be reached when you sync your mind to the music.


  • beatriz martinez

    September 18, 2015 #20 Author

    Please pick me!!! My son be begging me to take him to see Dastik .I tried to get tickets for Friday show but it sold out. Please I know my son will enjoy the concert so much if he was as able to go


  • Julianne Turner

    September 18, 2015 #21 Author

    I think I should go because I’ve been a huge fan of electronic music but never been to a show before!!! This would be the greatest thing ever to make this my first show and electronic experience!


  • Deja Swanberg

    September 19, 2015 #22 Author

    I miss seeing all of you IndyMojo ninjas…
    I haven’t been to a show since July 2nd, and I’m itching for BASS!


  • Matt Ramsey

    September 20, 2015 #23 Author

    Lacie Mack and Emery Jones are the winners! Emails have been sent. Please check and reply!

    Thank you to everyone who participated! Stay tuned for more contests from IndyMojo!


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