The Main Squeeze’s New Album Brings That Juice The Main Squeeze’s New Album Brings That Juice

Allergies? Broken heart? Wook flu? Ebola?

For whatever malady is currently ailing you, be informed that Dr. Funk is coming to town and he’s got what you need. (Except for that last one, you should probably go get that checked out professionally…)

Saturday June 3rd hometown honeys and funk Ph.D’s The Main Squeeze make their highly anticipated return to The Vogue to celebrate the release of their latest album Without A Sound

The band has been touring the country since April promoting the album and administering healthy doses of freshly squozen funk right in those poor sick peoples’ faces.


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The album became available for streaming via Spotify on April 28th, and if you haven’t listened to it yet, stop what you’re doing right now and dig it.

This album is hands-down Squeeze’s sexiest album yet.

The evolution of the band’s skills and sounds are unmistakable, however, none of that unique Main Squeeze style is sacrificed during this growth. Instead the juice is concentrated, intensifying the tasty audio palette by adding hopeful sweetness to the heartbreaking bits and spicy heat to the sexual flavors.

The opening song, called “One,” reels the listener in with delicate sparkly synth notes that hypnotize the heart then immediately hook the soul with a groove as warm and breezy as a sunset, finally the song meets its end with an unexpected downward spiral.

A trajectory plan for the journey on which the album will take us?

An audial representation of a summer fling?

Or a moment for the band to ease us into the musical intoxication ahead?


Either way, the band wastes no time in bringing back a beat that craves hand clapping and hip shaking with the song “405,” and is followed by a melody that I can only imagine simulates love at first sight.

The next track is the bold reaction, “Get At Me” is confident, powerful, and unapologetically seductive.  It’s a fire-starter, a soul squeezer, and the panty-dropper of the album.

“Nobody Better” is the song that brings you breakfast in bed the morning after, and “That Feelin’” is the champagne in the orange juice that effortlessly pulls you right back in.

The first single off the album, “Sweat,” blasts in next and brings that intensity right back up in a hurricane of horns and crisp drum work. Consider this track yet another party anthem in Squeeze’s collection.

The title track, “Without A Sound,” is the first sign of the end. Painfully relatable for so many of us, because let’s be real here, we have all given our heart to a wild child at some point only for them to clumsily to drop it, spill their drink on it, and walk out chasing something shiny.

We all know the feeling- the thirsty hollowness and overwhelming gloom of heartbreak. The smell of whiskey, cigarettes, and emptiness floats through every note of “Only Time,” the track that sweeps all the sadness off the barroom floor of your soul and serves it back to you in a 40 oz bottle wrapped in a brown paper bag.

The doctors know how bad they hurt us with that last one, so they graciously prescribe to us a delicate yet dank “Smoker’s Interlude” next to cool that burn.

But don’t get comfortable. The next track “Shot” unleashes its fiery rounds through your earhole and right into your soul. Bullseye. Feverishly charged lyrics, a screaming guitar solo, and a Zack de la Rocha vibe fuse together to produce this enraged decree of broken trust. Squeeze shows their woke side in the most powerful track on the album through the use of lyrics regarding oppression and violence, and a prominent quote from civil rights activist Fred Hampton. This track is the loaded gun of the album.

The album closes out with a groovy “Overture” a song that might have been recorded during the same party at which the cover photo of the album was taken.

squeeza album

Without A Sound captures momentous growth of the band’s skill set and style, and unsurprisingly, the songs pack even more punch played live. Last week Squeeze played a show in their stomping grounds, Bloomington, Indiana, described by singer Corey Frye as “the best college town in the whole world.” The show was on a Wednesday night only a couple of weeks after the semester had let out, but the Bluebird Bar was completely packed with head nodders, hand raisers, lighter flickers, and booty shakers.

A few days later, the band traveled to Chillicothe, Illinois to rain a freshly squozen funk upon Summercamp Music Festival. While Mother Nature thought she had beat them to the punch, silly storms are no match for the Squeeze. Their original set was canceled due to lousy weather, but those sweethearts in Umphrey’s McGee brought the boys on stage during their own set break on Friday to give the people that sweet funky medicine.

The Main Squeeze has played festivals all over the country including Electric Forest, Bonaroo, and High Sierra. Squeeze’s calendar is pretty packed out for the foreseeable future, including performances at Resonance Music festival, shows alongside artists like J.J. Grey and Mofro, and a sweet spot on Jam Cruise next January.

Before The Main Squeeze takes off on another unbounded musical journey, you do have the opportunity to witness this funk ferocity in a hard-boiled hometown throw down at one of the most intimate music venues in the state of Indiana.

squeeze vogue marquee

If at this moment you proudly call yourself a Hoosier, if you have mad love for Indy and respect the magic that originates within these state lines, or if you just dig hot, sweaty funk music, then it must be your priority – nay- your duty as a citizen of the great state of Indiana to show up and show out to The Main Squeeze’s album release party at The Vogue this Saturday.

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Samantha Jay

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  • christy

    June 1, 2017 #1 Author

    Great writing about a great band. Well, done Sam. Makes me want to be there. Wel done, Vogue.


  • Zack Boutwell

    June 1, 2017 #2 Author

    My head is an orange – I will be getting squozen on Saturday! This juicy melon is going to SWEAT all over that dance floor! I have been IN A FUNK and need DR. FUNK to funk my face off! I got the Mojo to go rogue and flow at the Vogue!


    • Matt Ramsey

      June 3, 2017 #3 Author

      WINNER! You will have a ticket at will call in your name!


  • Kristin Casselman

    June 1, 2017 #4 Author

    I’ve been going through a tough time in life lately, and I listened to their cover of Man in the Mirror based off of a recommendation from a friend. It was exactly what I needed to change my attitude from playing the victim to embracing the position of leading lady in my own life. I might be down and out, but it’s up to me to change it. I’d love to see them live, even if I can’t afford drinks while I’m there


    • Matt Ramsey

      June 3, 2017 #5 Author

      WINNER! You will have a ticket at will call in your name!


  • Matt Ramsey

    June 3, 2017 #6 Author

    TICKET WINNERS: Kristen Casselman and Zack Boutwell! You will have a ticket at will call in your name! Enjoy the show!


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