The moe. The Merrier: moe., Blues Traveler, and G. Love Bring the All Roads Runaround Summer Tour to White River State Park The moe. The Merrier: moe., Blues Traveler, and G. Love Bring the All Roads Runaround Summer Tour to White River State Park

What sounds do you hear when you think of summer? Waves splashing? Glasses clinking? Harmonicas and MalletKats? If the latter strikes your chords, your season is upon us.

White River State Park has been bringing more heat than the hole in the Ozone layer this summer, and like climate change, they’re showing no signs of stopping. (Too soon? Too soon.)cover

Indy throws July out the door with a bang: a party hosted by jam icons moe., Blues Traveler, and special guest G. Love.

The All Roads Runaround Tour kicked off July 11th in Farmingville, NY, and will hit cities from Canada to Texas, including our own little Circle City on July 31st.

The tour began just five days after the final day of moe.down, moe.’s festival at a ski resort in Turin, NY. The lineup included superstar acts such as Spafford, Drive-By Truckers, and Cory Wong. A moe. show is always a one-of-a-kind experience. A different member of the band chooses the set list each night, allowing for every musician to have an opportunity to showcase their talents along the tour. And when a band features guitars, keyboards, bass, flute, mandolin, piccolos, washboards, and moe.’s signature MalletKat, there’s more than enough sound to go around.

Live for Live Music Interview w/ Jim Loughlin


Blues Traveler has been busy as well. In the fall of 2018, the band released Hurry Up & Hang Around, an album produced with the help of GRAMMY Award-winning producer Matt Rollings. This April the band premiered their music video for “When You Fall Down,” a joyful jam that calls for celebration in true Blues Traveler style. The following month the boys hosted a Fourth of July bash with Leftover Salmon and Jackie Greene at Colorado’s beloved Red Rocks Amphitheatre.

And last but certainly not least, the special guest, Mr. G. Love. (#swoon) An addition to be regarded as not only an excellent business decision, but a perfect musical compliment to the already saucy lineup. One could even say to top it all off, G. Love fits like, well, like a glove. This year G. Love has had much to celebrate about, including 25 years of touring from coast to coast. If you missed his sold-out show at the Hi-Fi this past January, you have been blessed by the jam fairy with this golden opportunity.

With a lineup that stacked, you better get there early to experience as much magic as possible. And you’ll definitely want to stick around until the end when all three acts combine forces for a super jam. That’s right, moe., Blues Traveler, and G. Love all join forces to wrap up the show. As every set is different, who knows what kind of musical treats we’ll be fortunate enough to receive.

Maybe some Sublime?

Or maybe some good ol’ Casey Jones?


And if that blowout wasn’t enough for you, worry not! The Mousetrap is hosting the afterparty featuring Marcus Rezak and Vinnie Amico from moe. If you’ve never experienced a Mousetrap Fam Jam, this is the perfect night to dive in. And for those of us that have experienced many Mousetrap Fam Jams, this is certainly not one to miss.

Buy your tickets below!


July 31st moe. and Blues Traveler with G. Love – Indianapolis, IN


moe. After Show Marcus Rezak w/ Vinnie Amico (moe.)

Or pop in to The Mousetrap on Thursday, July 25th after 9:00 pm for your last chance to grab fee-free tickets from IndyMojo!


Call your friends.

Clean off your dancing shoes.

Buy the ticket. Take the ride.

Maybe the jam gods will smile upon you and award you tickets. Sign up below to be entered to win tickets!





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  • Tom Heuchan

    July 28, 2019 #1 Author

    I would love to be able to win tickets to this. Moe is one of my favorite bands of all time


  • Cassandra Perez

    July 28, 2019 #2 Author

    My favorite song ever is Kyles Song and I’m bringing my mom to her first show and we need a miracle to be with our Moerons and to see the legend, John popper!!!


  • Heather McGrath

    July 28, 2019 #3 Author

    I would love a miracle a Indiana native who could use a soul lift my mojo will be working


  • Alexandra Burger

    July 28, 2019 #4 Author

    I’ve been dying to see moe. but unfortunately my last opportunity to see them was at a rain soaked SummerCamp music festival where it was too cold, soggy, and miserable to enjoy anything. So here’s hoping to redeem myself! And my love for Blues Travelers runs deep, all the way to when I was too young to know that it was indeed a joint in that blue cat’s mouth on the album cover. I still remember asking my baby sitter what it was…she giggled. And G. Love is just the most special-est sauce that’s ever sauced. Please pick me!!


  • Greg Roth

    July 28, 2019 #5 Author

    I need a miracle every day! But I really need a miracle today because my girlfriend and I start teaching next week and this is the final hoorah for us! We’re also a bunch of Moerons for not buying tix earlier! I hope we don’t miss out and catch the blues for not traveling to cincy!


  • Corey Lanier

    July 28, 2019 #6 Author

    I haven’t seen Blues Traveler since the HORDE fest days in the 90’s and would be absolutely stoked to see them again! Moe. Is always a great time…hoping for a great opportunity for a John Popper/Moe. jam!! “Can’t Seem To Find” would be a nice one for the harmonica gunslinger! This is my end of summer final hurrah, so hoping to win some tickets before returning to the classroom! Thanks!


  • Desiree’ Grubb – Parry

    July 28, 2019 #7 Author

    I should win because as a mom of 3 (10 yr, 2yr, 6 mos ) and a Full time student I could really use some sauce in my life with G. love!! All my time and finances have been devoted to my kids and studies so this would be the ‘Recipe’ for a much needed break! Ive never gotten to see moe. Or Blues Traveler, and my summer needs to ‘Hurry Up & Hang Around’ a little longer !! 🙂


  • Elizabeth Nam

    July 28, 2019 #11 Author

    GLove, since the 90’s in Philly! Now, I’m ready to catch up with Blues Traveler, MOE & GLOVE in Indy! EN


  • Jerry deem

    July 28, 2019 #12 Author

    I’ve always wanted to see Moe, but l found myself damn near ‘po’. I scheduled a vacation day for this show, but now l cant go, because I’m to po’ to see Moe, and that bums me out……yo!


  • Charles Hoch

    July 29, 2019 #13 Author

    Blues Traveler was always a soundtrack to my life. I never realized it. At Summer Camp this year I saw them perform and it was spectacular. Run around made me very emotional 🙂 Moe. Was also amazing, and unfortunstely due to the rain on Saturday night I didn’t get to see as much of them as I’d have liked.

    This concert falls on a day I could actually make it work. A coworker and I would love to make the drive.


    • Matt Ramsey

      July 31, 2019 #14 Author

      WINNER! 2 tickets will be at will call in your name!


  • Zack Boutwell

    July 30, 2019 #15 Author

    I deserve to win because I LOVE G Love and have been dying to see him perform. You want to send someone who is a big fan! Plus, I am so down with Moe. And Blues Traveler – saw them at Summer Camp. Also, I won tickets to Werkout this weekend to celebrate 5 years with my love. Starting the vacation with this show would be INCREDIBLE! I hope we win!


    • Matt Ramsey

      July 31, 2019 #16 Author

      WINNER! 2 tickets will be at will call in your name!


  • Matt Ramsey

    July 31, 2019 #17 Author

    Desiree Grubb-Parry
    Charles Hoch
    Zack Boutwell

    You each get TWO tickets! They will be left at will call in your names!


  • Matt Ramsey

    July 31, 2019 #18 Author

    Thank you to everyone who participated! Stay tuned for more contests!


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