Triple Threat – Dirt Monkey, Jantsen, and Son Of Kick Invade Indy Triple Threat – Dirt Monkey, Jantsen, and Son Of Kick Invade Indy

The next Altered Thurzday will be the first major event to kickoff the Fall. One hell of a kickoff it will be. Jantsen and Dirt Monkey will be playing a two-hour tag set….yeah you read that right. Also they are bringing fellow Bassnectar collaborator, Son Of Kick along to help fatten the pot even more. Local support includes Indigo Child, who recently had a release on TRUTH’s (Deep, Dark, and Dangerous) label and the first to drop trap music at the Trap, Ed Trauma.


Jantsen is no stranger when it comes to electronic music. This Boulder, Colorado native has been fully immersed into the dance music scene for over 12 years with his passion later blossoming into DJing and producing. Over the years Jantsen has established a strong presence in the scene through his eclectic sound , being influenced by many genres such as jazz, blues, funk, rock, hip hop, and many other kinds of world music he brings a style that is creative, unique, and is continuously evolving. Jantsen’s enthusiastic personality shows through his DJ sets through his fun , energetic, and contagious stage presence.

This bass driven all star has collaborated with acts such as Zion I and Dirt Monkey, and has gained international support from some of the scenes top dj’s. With a slew of releases that are set in order, big things are sure to come in 2015, including new side project LOCOJA with longtime collaborator Bassnectar, and curating burgeoning label, Kairos Audio, alongside partner Dirt Monkey.


A musical innovator and aficionado of bass, Dirt Monkey has fostered a well-deserved reputation for his unique ability to infuse a pure and unadulterated sense of funkiness into even the filthiest of beats. A veteran producer and DJ who has earned the respect and admiration of his peers, as well as the adoration of his fans, Dirt Monkey excels in the studio, and is truly in his element behind the decks.

Possessing a vast knowledge of music production and an uncanny ability to harness exactly the sound that people want to hear most, it’s no surprise at all that Dirt Monkey’s style is as dynamic and evolving as the state of electronic dance music. Expanding his reach far beyond himself, Dirt Monkey launched his music label Kairos Audio with fellow bass connoisseur, Jantsen; together they continue to educate and augment the future of many. Keep your eyes and ears open, and expect the unexpected from this incredibly diverse and multi-talented musician.


Mika Abadie, known to the music world as Son of Kick, only meets one set of expectations – his own. Whether it be through his unpredictable and explosive productions, his ambitious, high octane live sets, or his provocative, critically acclaimed music videos, this West London-based Producer, DJ, vocalist and multi-instrumentalist shows his quality while forging to new paths to thrilling sonic frontiers.

Son of Kick isn’t just another spacebar-happy party rocker, he’s a musical cosmonaut on a voyage of discovery. Fueled by a host of influences as varied as his sound and a passion and ambition that’s only beginning to fire, Abadie’s goal is to write music that he will still be proud of in 5, 10, 20 years, not some microwaved banger that you forget after 10 seconds. Nothing’s safe, especially not speakers, or minds, but the best is in the future, where Son of Kick will find you.


Hailing from Pennsylvania, Rob Siemasko a.k.a. Indigo Child grew up being encouraged to produce his own sound. Starting early, he was a classically trained violinist in his youth. Then he turned to bass guitar for a little more emotion and found himself experimenting with different sound including jamtronica. One day he discovered dubstep, that day was the beginning of his idea for Indigo Child. Rob started working hard on his mixing skills and during that time ended up in Indianapolis. Someone told him that he should check out IndyMojo and The Mousetrap.

Four years later, now a member of IndyMojo and G-9 Collective,  we have seen him rise up as one of the main dubstep contenders in a talent filled group of DJs. He has played with the likes of Caspa, Savoy, Downlink, Vaski, Terravita, Figure, Reid Speed, and many more. In the past two years he has been producing his own tracks and honing in on his own sound. More recently he has caught the attention of New Zealand natives TRUTH, who just dropped one of his tracks on their new label Deep, Dark, Dangerous.

“Unless what I’m doing at the time happens to be trendy,” he adds. “I’ll produce whatever I want and whatever I’m feeling, but when you come out and see me play it’s always going to be what you expect: high energy and as ruthless and heavy as I can get. What is the threshold on intensity? How far can I take it?” – Indigo Child

Ed Trauma, an Indianapolis based Future Music DJ and producer since 2000, affiliated with the G9 Collective, Heavy Gun and SCS, has recently released Purple Midwest on IQ Entertainment. Mixed a project with Freddie Bunz and Grey Granite, titled “Electric Kool-Aid Experiment,” that was released exclusively on 

Gaining much recognition for his style of shaking the dance floor across the Midwest, Ed Trauma’s ADHD approach to quick mixes will keep any party moving, while leaving the audience craving more. Constantly editing and remixing tracks for his live shows, Ed Trauma continues to raise the bar for up and coming Dj’s. For more about Ed Trauma, visit his Facebook page and Twitter.




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Cover: $7/$10
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The Mousetrap
5565 N Keystone Ave
Indianapolis, IN

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