What You Do Not Want To Miss: A January Preview What You Do Not Want To Miss: A January Preview

Here at IndyMojo, every day is about the music; we live it, we write it, we promote it, we love it. Each and every month presents new shows and new music to discover here in Indianapolis. So ask me this: why are we so excited about January? If every month is so great, what’s up with this one?
The answer is simple: look at this lineup! An intricate mix of deejays, funk, soul, pop, and bluegrass, January has everything to give, something for everyone. Yes, even you.


DJ Embry-O: Jan. 14 at The Mousetrap

It has been a while since DJ Embry-O has taken stage, with most of his efforts focused towards his other project, Turbo Suit. In charge of the mixing and production, it is easy to see how his side project developed. Back to play a birthday show at the Mousetrap, DJ Embry-O is certain to display his mastered mixing ability.

Greensky Bluegrass: Jan. 15 at the Vogue

Five piece, Kalamazoo based Greensky Bluegrass is not what one may expect when you hear bluegrass; yes, they have the typical elements, but Greensky takes it to a whole new level. Combining a traditional study of string band sounds with rock show styling, this group is sure to surprise you. Starting out small, Greensky has merged each members unique skills with their group jam mentality, ignoring the normal pathway of starting out with covers, and launching themselves straight into the world of writing their own music. Five albums later, you can catch them all over the country, whether at a show or in the lineup of a festival, and what you will find is raw talent, an excellent light show, and a new favorite artist.


Carnage w/ Valentino Kahn and Kayzo: Jan. 20 at the Old National Centre

Heavy hitter Carnage takes over the Old National Centre, on tour for his latest release, Papi Gordo. Featuring collaborations with a variety of artists, including Rick Ross, KSHMR, and Migos, Canage’s latest production features banger after banger, certain to get you moving.

Yonder Mountain String Band: Jan. 21 at the Vogue

Bringing more bluegrass to Indianapolis, Yonder Mountain String Band takes the stage in their seventeenth year together. On tour for their latest album release, titled Black Sheep, the band showcases each of their five voices and five instruments, and was even engineered by one of their own members in a home studio and on the road. This new style presented by YMSB is self described as new, but a purer form of their sound, a sort of coming into their own. After seventeen years, to find themselves redefining who they are merely proves what this group is capable of: constant growth. What the next years of performances and tours will bring from them, one can only imagine.


Savoy and Crywolf: Jan. 22 at the Old National Centre

Self described as the originators of electronic rock, three man team Savoy combine electronic elements such as soft, soaring vocals and intricate progressions with more classical rock elements to build their unique sound. On tour right now for their recent EP release, ‘1000 Years,’ Savoy bring their energy and lights to stages across the country, combined here in Indy with Crywolf. LA based, one man, indie electronic sensation Crywolf has been a quick success since his start three years ago, including five EPs, 40 million plays, and recognition from industry bigs such as Skrillex and Bassnectar, this is looking like a big year for him.


Govinda: Jan. 28 at The Mousetrap

Shane Madden, producer and composer based in Austin, Texas, brings us this funky electronic masterpiece: Govinda. Studying violin from a young age, Madden took his musical passion with him to college, where he began to produce, and combined his new skill with a love of world music. Today, Govinda has performed in festivals like Coachella and SXSW alongside STS9, Thievery Corporation, and Shpongle, often bringing along performers as well. Exotic and dubby, Govinda brings a whole new sound to their audience, one you surely don’t want to miss out on.

Railroad Earth with Cornmeal: Jan. 29 at the Vogue

Finishing up the bluegrass trio of events this January is Railroad Earth, a conglomerate of talented musicians formed truly by chance, gathering together at an open mic in their early days. Their love of music and quick click together was truly proven by how fast their first recording came out- only about a month after formation. And, not only were they quick, but Railroad Earth began hitting festival lineups by the summer of 2001, mere months after they joined up, including the infamous Telluride Bluegrass Festival as their first. Since then, RE has released numerous albums and toured heavily, growing and improving with each strum, managing to stay true to the bluegrass spirit all while mixing in elements of jazz, folk, and Celtic. Touring, still, for their 2014 release, “Last of the Outlaws,” Railroad Earth continues their legacy onward and upward.


Turkuaz and Ghost Note with Sweater Vest: Jan. 30 at the Vogue

This nine member, funk filled adventure is Turkuaz (Turk-woz). The true embodiment of traditional funk, R &B, and pop, this group is certain to make you do one thing: move. What I would summarize as dance music, because you have no choice, Turkuaz has quickly been moving up in recognition. Setting out in 2012 on tour, they have put out many albums, finding time to write as they travel cross country for shows. Their latest (and maybe greatest) release, Digitonium, released in fall of 2015, fuels their current tour, and only goes to show just what could be net for this power funk attraction.


Now, which show are you most excited about and why?


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